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Massage is the process of manipulating the muscles and tissues through various methods and techniques which is generally practiced to relax the body.

It can also be spoken of as a type of exercise mostly recommended by physiotherapists and doctors for orthopaedic patients, athletes etc. which helps in straightening up the body and getting in better shape while also relieving the tension and stress of the body. Massage therapy is mostly done with hands and in some cases mechanical aids may also be used.


Massage therapy has numerous benefits and there are many advocates of this. The benefits involved are stress relief, relaxation, posture improvement, better circulation, maintaining blood pressure levels, promotes ease in breathing, muscle relaxation, attainment of more flexibility, relieving headaches, strong immunity, improved rehabilitation and much more. This ultimately results in achieving a good, healthy body with an improved immune system and better mental outlook.

edinburgh massage

Massage Edinburgh is one of the best mobile massage services which provide a first class massage therapy.  Three of the most preferred massage therapies are Swedish massage, hot stone massage and holistic massage. Massages basically involve the use of the hands in the form of long strokes on the body, generally on the back. It mainly achieves relaxation of the whole body and helps to relieve the day to day stress which may result in build-up of pain in the body.


The Swedish massage is also known as the classic massage. The benefits availed from this therapy is that it helps in pain reduction, increases level of oxygen in the blood, improves circulation and relieves tension. It is considered to be one of the most stress relieving massage techniques.


The hot stone massageĀ is another very famous and preferred massage therapy. A lot of people opt for the hot stone therapy because of its magical benefits for various types of aches, muscle relaxation, good circulation, muscle stiffness easing, tension and stress relief, and much more. This therapy works in the deeper layers of muscles and tissues, thereby helping the person to achieve 100% relaxation. In this method hot water-heated stones are placed on the body. These stones are basically polished lava stones or basalt stones which apply pressure and heat to the body. The heat goes deep into the layers of tissues and muscles and relieves the stress and pain while relaxing the whole body. The stones can also be heated by dipping them in hot oil. Hot stone massage therapy is also ideal for arthritic conditions. The benefits achieved from this therapy are increased flexibility in joints, reduced stress and pain, decreased spasms etc

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