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Reflexology Massage Edinburgh

Reflexology is a very precise form of massage used on certain “ reflex” points of the feet and hands. Reflexology is used to maintain good health and it is a very pleasant way of helping the body to relax. It is possible to treat different areas of the body by working specific reflex points of the feet. During a reflexology treatment all the reflexes in both feet will be massage therefore treating the whole body. This soothing and healing massage is expertly performed using thumbs and finger techniques. Use of these techniques is by applying pressure to different ‘reflex’ points of your feet and hands, and move carefully over every millimeter of skin in smoothly flowing forward movement. Reflexology is a wonderful, natural and simple way of helping to heal itself. Everyone can benefit it, from young to the elderly, for mind, body and spirit.

reflexology massage edinburghReflexology induce relaxation:

Stress is something which every one of us experiences and everyone deals with it. Dealing with stress via reflexology massage is the most opted way for many nowadays. During a reflexology session most people tend to fall asleep and awake refreshed with a wonderful sense of well-being and inner harmony.



What to expect from treatment:

When you become stressed these reflexes points become sensitive and sore to touch, as toxins build up. These toxins cause blockage in your body which prevent your energies from freely flowing. Therapist can feel toxins or crystal deposits underneath the skin. Through regular reflexology treatments the blockages will be released which helps to bring your body back into balance and harmony, enabling us to maintain a sens of well-being and healthy body.



Benefits of Reflexology:

boosts immune system and prevents illnesses improves the circulation detoxifies the body – the lymphatic system, such as the colon, kidneys and skin are responsible for the detoxification of the body. If they are not functioning properly then toxins will build up. These waste deposits can be broken down by reflexology massage and eliminated,  revitalises energy – reflexology regenerates, revitalising the body and supplying it with renewed and invigorating energy

improves mental function – calms the mind and relieves it of all unnecessary “clutter”

stimulates emotional release – negative state of mind will block the free flow of the life force and cause disease. As the unpleasant emotions are released, and balanced health is restored.



Reflexology also:

- relives stress and tension

- balances blood pressure

- gives more confidence

- deepens sleep

- improve mobility of joints

- balance the hormones

- improves the condition and tone of the skin



How often to treat:

When a client comes for help with a specific condition, treating twice a week is perhaps the ideal. However, this is not always possible so treating once a week at least is recommended as general rule. Treatment given over several weeks from 6-8, allows a good chance of success.



How long to treat:

After the initial consultation time, treatment length varies from between 45 minutes to an hour, but depending on individual needs of the client.

The therapist will work on the feet (or hands). You will lie down or sit, remaining fully clothed except from your shoes and socks. The therapist will begin by assessing your feet for open wounds, rashes, sores, scars, swelling, infectious skin conditions.



The healing process:

Sometimes a client experiences an acute episode after treatment. For example: you may feel extra tried or achy for a day. This means that the body is in the process of cleansing and healing itself. Many of reactions are positive signs like increase of energy, enhanced sleep, relief from pain or more mobile joints. In essence healing involves creating more positive energy in the body and  the person as a whole. The place of reflexology is to help create the conditions which generate such positive energy.


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