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How massage can help me?

Massage can be very beneficial to people of all ages to obtain relief from problems, such as:

- arthritis

- stress relief

- headaches

- migraines

- muscle and back pain

- respiratory problems

- pregnancy and labour discomfort

- recover from post-injury or any surgical rehabilitation


Who is it for?

Massage is for all individuals. However, sometimes there are some conditions where is best to not avoid recent operations and first trimester of pregnancy.


Do I have to remove all my clothing?

No. Your comfort is the most important to all Registered Therapists. The therapists can provide important treatment whether you elect to remove any or some of your clothing. Before any treatment make sure to discuss the most effective treatment with me (therapist).


Does it hurt?

There are times when massage can cause discomfort, however it is not harmful. The pressure level of massage can be discussed with me at the beginning of the treatment. Some people prefer light pressure while others asks for deep tissue.


What is Massage?

It is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body which includes muscles, tissue and joints. Massage is designed to help to soft tissue and lower any discomfort you feel which can be related with stresses, or  chronic pain conditions.


How often should I have a massage?

One treatment is never going to be enough. The therapy is mostly beneficial when used over a series of treatments. Later it can be followed up with preventive treatments.


What to expect on my first visit?

At your first visit you will be asked to complete a confidential health history to allow me to know if you are taking any medications or whether you have any medical conditions. This will be confidential between you and me to ensure you receive appropriate treatment.


Do I have to disclose all my health conditions on the Health History form?

It would be great if you could give me a picture of your health and injuries to enable me to design the most effective treatment.


Should I eat before?

It is best Not to eat for at least 90 minutes before treatment as it may cause discomfort during massage. However, sandwich or a very light meal is fine.


Can I to talk during massage?

If you wish to have silence let me know at the beginning of the treatment. However, if you wish to chat through your treatment you are welcome to do so.


What do clients do during the treatment?

You should make yourself comfortable! For most of your time you will relax and I will make sure that you are comfortable and warm. To make the treatment more relaxing and stress free you should focus on your breathing pattern– take deep breaths in and out to help your mind and body to relax.


What to do if I am sick or have a flu?

If you are in the early stage of a cold or flu, please phone or email me to cancel your appointment 1-2 days before your appointment